As millions of people in the World watch the inaugural ceremony of Mr. Barack H. Obama, in his second term as the 44th President of the United States, and most of them are involved by the glamour, and good looks of the first family, the grand show that represents this kind of spectacle, I would like to take a little time to put out my inner thoughts; even though, I know that the President and his courtship will never hear me, and probably would never have the time to fulfill such kind of uneasiness of the spirit.

I really do not care much about who made Mrs. Obama’s hair style or dress; I do not got impressed with how beautifully dressed are Malia and Sasha; as long as we, common Americans, are struggling to find a job to feed our families, to have a warm room to sleep in a cold winter night, or simply find a good school to send our kids, to keep up our faith in the future. I would be well serve with an ill looking president who takes the time to bring to court each one of the responsible of the American tragedy, no matter which their names are; a President who work hard to stabilize our country, while paying attention to the real issues affecting American families.

I would like to feel proud of the vote that I casted on the last November which I am not right now. I want to let, as clear as a shiny day of summer, that my pride does not have anything to do with establishing in DC a new Camelot of beautiful, well manner, and smiling people. What I aspire is to have a respectful President, who listens to his people; do not exercise cruelty or abusive power against other countries; and over all, someone who stops doing politics to do governing. We have been too patients, and now is time to stop dealing with the wrong people, wishing to get the right results; American needs real leadership.



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